100% Natural Ayurvedic oil


Elongates hair growth Anagen stage
Fights against hair loss
Stimulates hair growth
Thickens and protects hair
Eliminates dandruff
Kills fungus and bacteria that inhibits hair growth.
Softened and conditions hair.
Strengthens hair
Controls scalp itchiness
Stops hair thinning
Controls breakage
Boost collagen production on the scalp

Ingredients: Neem leaves,Moringa Leaves, hibiscus flower, olive oil, fenugreek, etc

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Similar to how a tree can stop growing or die due to lack of just one or two vital nutrients in the soil, your hair can lose shine and vitality, start thinning or just fall out completely, if your diet is lacking important vitamins or minerals that are necessary for thick, healthy hair growth then you should get our Ayurvedic oil treatment? it is a powerhouse of nutrients ??


100ml, 250ml, 500ml