Adjustable Deep conditioning Hooded cap


Do you embrace your beautiful, natural hair?

So you’re thinking about starting your natural hair journey, or have already started your journey. But you’re realizing the struggle is real.

There are so many rules, methods, products, hair types – anyone else need a sedative?
..No matter what struggles you face, OMA NATURAL HAIR SMOOTHIE is here for you , simply apply your smoothie to clean damp hair, wear a disposable shower cap ,Simply hook up the the elastic end of the hose to your hair dryer, wrap the soft hood around your head and adjust to comfortable fit, turn on your blow dryer and let your steam for 30min. Rinse thoroughly ,apply a good leave in conditioner and OMA NATURAL COCONUT OR CARROT SHEA BUTTER.. enjoy soft silky hair !

Product Details:
Soft Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer (Large)
Flexible Hose Collar Fit
Efficient, Even Airflow
Anti-radiation insulation coating nylon material
Adjustable Drawstring and Chin Strap
Waterproof Material
Reusable, Long-Lasting Support
Supports Ethnic Hair
Best Use don Dryers ”Low” Setting
Hand Washable
Blow Dryer Not Included

Care Steps
Step 1:Wash your hair to keep 70% wet;
Step 2: Apply OMA NATURAL HAIR SMOOTHIE on wet hair;
Step 3:Wear disposable shower cap;
Step 4:Wear the Bonnet hood.

PACKAGE INCLUDE : 1 Hooded bonnet and 5 disposable shower caps.

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Adjustable Large Hooded Cap for Drying Styling Curling Deep Conditioning, Portable Hood Bonnet for Hand Held Hair Dryer