Ambunu herbs( Natural leave in conditioner)


100% natural conditioner! Easy to make !
Benefits of Ambunu herbs:
?thoroughly moisturizes hair
?stops breakage
?improves growth
?Easies dandruff, itchy and dry scalp
?Detangles hair
?Softens hair
?Safe and can be used over time
…and more !

?Shop with with any of our Natural oil or butter and your leave-in-conditioner is ready !??

Ambunu a gift from nature to natural hair! Don’t give up on that hair the solution is at your doorstep now!

Ambunu is an old traditional natural herb used by Chadian women for hair treatment and care.
Its been used as a natural conditioner/ detangler. Yes
-it adds a beautiful sheen to hair
-it makes hair stronger and thicker
-it prevents dry scalp
-it untangles and Condition the hair
-it reduces hair loss
Take a pinch of Ambunu herbs depending on the volume of your hair ,pour hot water over it, rub and squeeze to produce the gel. Sieve and apply. It’s as simple as making tea:)