Coconut Shea Butter


Using coconut oil on skin and hair has been proven to be the best therapy ! but another all-star natural moisturizer is shea butter, so this combination is heavenly! Don’t just take our words for it … order yours now!

•No pungent Shea butter smell.
•smooth and moisturizers

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Coconut Shea butter

Intensive hair and skin moisturizer

Formulated to provide all your hair and skin needs.

Net wt

Whipped 100% raw Shea butter and 100% virgin coconut oil.

* Moisturizes Dry Skin and hair
* Promotes hair growth
* Treats Acne And Blemishes. …
* Reduces Skin Inflammation. …
* Anti-Aging
* Reduces scalp and Skin irritation
* Reduces Stretch Marks.
* Prevents hair breakage


10oz, 7oz