Deep Conditioning Steam Cap


✔️ NOTICEABLY STRONGER HAIR IN 3 DAYS – Help the hair absorb more nutrients from the conditioner. Expect increased elasticity, smoother, softer and stronger hair in just 3 applications.
✔️ GET MORE MOISTURE IN YOUR HAIR – The thermal heat allows your conditioner to penetrate deep into the follicle (even with low porosity hair). This opens the scalp naturally to allow the oil in your treatment to do it’s magic.
✔️ SAFE AND CONVENIENT “-The steamer performs the same beauty regime that you receive in a Salon in the comfort of your home
✔️ “IT FEELS LIKE A JACUZZI ON YOUR HEAD” – The professional haircare choice. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the friendly Youtube beauty bloggers rave about the benefits of our steam cap
✔️ EASY TO USE: First apply your OMA HAIR SMOOTHIE to damp hair, then use one of the (5) included disposable shower caps. Next, plug your steam cap and wear it for 30min, rinse your hair thoroughly, apply a good leave in conditioner, seal in moisture with Oma coconut or carrot Shea butter, enjoy soft silky hair !

Package includes : 1 steam cap and 10 disposable shower caps

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Deep conditioning steam cap